A born and raised New South Welshman has ruined an otherwise innocent game of King of the Castle with his Victorian-raised kids after stopping midway through the game to deliver an elocution lesson. However, his attempts at educating his young children fell on deaf ears as they reverted to mocking his style of speech, and have since started demanding that he pronounce different words for them like he was some kind of Aussie tourist in an American bar.

It all started when one of the man’s sons was atop their backyard cubby house and shouted to his father “I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal”. The boy’s smug grin was quickly wiped off his face when the father said, “nah mate, it’s caarstle. Say it right: caarstle.” The boy looked confused, gave his dad a nervous laugh and then repeated, “no, you’re the dirty rascal Dad!”

The exchange went back and forth before the father headed across to a nearby blackboard, wrote out the word and then started underlining portions of it like he was playing a solo game of hangman. A solo game because all attempts to engage his children in the “lesson” he was giving proved futile. All they said to him for the next 15 minutes was, “haha, you talk funny Daddy”.