A local man has reportedly contacted the ACCC to request an investigation into why Watsonia’s petrol prices are so prohibitive. Frank D’Silva made the decision to ask for an official investigation after spending years casually monitoring local petrol prices and wondering why ours are so high.

And it appears the price spike spreads to nearby areas, including Greensborough, leaving many local residents to ponder why we are being slugged more than people in surrounding suburbs. D’Silva said, “Anecdotally we are just getting screwed every single week. I live in Watsy but I never buy petrol here unless I’m absolutely desperate. Greensy cops it too. I just don’t understand.”

While petrol prices are a contentious issue for many Australians, D’Silva is demanding answers. He said, “I know we’ve only really got one servo, so there is potential for a monopoly, but this is just ridiculous. I’ve got relatives that live in the leafy Eastern suburbs and they’re not even paying close to what our servos regularly demand.”

While that one service station does admittedly have an impressive café setting in addition to the provision of fuel, we are jumping on board D’Silva’s campaign. The people of Watsonia are good honest people, and we deserve better.