In one of the most humourous instances of click bait so far in 2018, cricket fans are today being seduced by multiple headlines claiming to know exactly what’s gone on between Australian Vice Captain Dave Warner and South African wicketkeeper batsman Quinton de Kock. Since leaked CCTV footage did the rounds yesterday showing the pair in a heated confrontation whilst adjourning to the dressing room for a cup of tea and a biscuit, the story has evolved hour-by-hour.

The first claim was that de Kock had made disparaging remarks about Warner’s wife, and then the South African camp claimed that Warner had first made disparaging remarks about de Kock’s sister and mother. In what has closely resembled a “he said / she said” schoolyard tiff, media outlets are desperate to grab the clicks of eager cricket fans, including those residing in The Watsonia Bugle office.

Despite numerous headlines claiming “What raging Warner really said”, or words to that affect, we are no closer to discovering the truth, and may even have to wait a few years until the combatants are retired and enter the after dinner speaking circuit. And then there’ll be so much mayo on the stories that it will be hard to tell the truth anyway.