A teacher from a local public school has expressed their dismay at the controversy surrounding a senior staff member of an exclusive private school cutting the hair of a student for an annual class photo. The teacher, who requested anonymity and said he spoke on behalf of his entire school, has told The Watsonia Bugle that he “couldn’t give a stuff” about the issue.

Headlines were initially made late last week when the deputy head of Trinity Grammar was dismissed following reports he had cut the hair of a student who didn’t meet the dress code of the school. And while the passionate backlash from the wider Trinity community suggests there’s more to the story than first reported, staff members at one of Watsonia’s local secondary schools are seemingly unphased by the matter.

The teacher who approached us earlier today to make a comment said, “Mate, I couldn’t give a stuff if some rich kid got a free hair cut. We get plenty of hair cuts around here, but normally they’re to our budget.”