A Greensborough man is reportedly still trying to convince his girlfriend of six months to come camping with him in regional Victoria this Easter weekend. Callum Fraser has been campaigning for a solid two months but believes he’s no closer to sealing the deal, despite being only days from his scheduled departure date.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle earlier today, Fraser said, “Don’t print this, but she’s being a bit of a princess really. I mean, we rough it a bit, but I’ve got one of them toilet tents and I’ve promised to dig the hole, so it’s not like she has to go off the back of a log or anything. Me and my mates have been going up north for Easter for years now, so we’re pretty well set up. It’s bloody awesome up there this time of year.”

Fraser’s girlfriend, Steph, was unavailable for comment when we contacted her, only saying “I’m still just weighing up my options. My friend’s parents have a house down the beach and that sounds much more civilised. I just don’t think I’m ready for the full camping experience.”