Everyone’s favourite comic strip from the Herald Sun comics page has gone a bit deep and philosophical, openly questioning the direction that planet Earth is heading. Snake, which gives you a short and sharp story that always leaves you in stitches, has added to its undeniable humour with something to keep you thinking for the rest of the day.

In last Friday’s Herald Sun, the bloke who wears the nappy appears on the edge of a precipice in search of instruction from a higher being. When he’s told that “The meek shall inherit Neptune” he naturally asks, “What happened to the Earth?” The higher being then snappily replied, “Funny, I was going to ask you that!!”

The double exclamation mark at the end of the final statement really lent some emphasis to what the higher being was trying to say. One can only assume it was referring to the high proliferation of reality television, Donald Trump’s ham-fisted attempt to lead the free world, the washing out of last weekend’s Family Fun Day in Watsonia, the current car park situation at Greensborough Safeway, ball tampering, and the price of petrol in the Watsonia area.