A local amateur basketballer has suggested that social sport offers a window into the soul of every participant, unrivalled by almost any other human experience. Caleb McDonald, starting point guard for the Rampant Dribblers in the C Grade Monday night league at Diamond Valley Stadium, and third year psychology student at a local university, made the claims in a recently submitted research essay.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the findings in his essay, McDonald said, “I can tell you more about the inner workings of an opponent’s mind than their wife of 10 years could. I’ve seen them when their psyche is stripped bare, when they’re under stress, and when things are going their way. But most importantly, I can get a very quick read on their moral compass just by sharing a basketball court with them for less than 40 minutes.”

The claims put forward are likely to cause a stir amongst the psychology fraternity, with McDonald basically suggesting that he can determine an individual’s personality without one of the many expensive rubrics being pushed by external providers. But McDonald is standing by them, telling us, “This test is as solid as oak. I challenge anyone to find fault in it.”