As announced late last night, this week on The Watsonia Bugle is Shark Week, starting from today. While some may question why the community newspaper of a completely landlocked suburb, where the nearest salt water is over 20 kilometres away, is having a Shark Week, we actually have good reason: sharks are, like, mega cool.

The phenomenon that is Shark Week can be traced back as far as 1988 when the Discovery Channel aired 10 shark-based programs in the middle of a northern summer, the beginning of an annual tradition that has gone on to become the longest-running cable television programming event in history. In the social media era, fans of Shark Week have had a ready-made platform to share their enthusiasm for the week, so much so that the term has become synonymous with having a good time and getting very excited.

As we approach the 30-year anniversary of the event, and in a desperate attempt by us to boost our own ratings, The Watsonia Bugle is jumping on the Shark Week bandwagon. Every day there will be at least one shark-based article for your reading pleasure, and we encourage you to get on board with this joyous event. You’re welcome.