Suspended Australian cricketer David Warner has reportedly copped the dreaded morning shift on Easter Monday after returning to work at Woolworths as promised over the summer. In a recent national ad campaign run by the supermarket chain, Warner told the world that if he wasn’t a cricketer he’d still be working at the supermarket that he apparently had as a youngster.

Following the announcement of his 12-month suspension late last week, Woolworths management reportedly contacted Warner and held him at his word. After some brief training over the weekend, Warner fronted for his first shift at Coogee Woolworths this morning, and was greeted by his excited new co-workers.

One of these co-workers, Steve Collins said Warner was a bit stiff getting this morning as his first shift. Collins said, “It’s a tough one. We all had to cut our long weekends short to be back for work this morning, so everyone’s a bit flat about that, but it’s good to see Davey in the pale green shirt. Can’t wait to see how he deals with all them tight arses that come in to buy all the half price Easter chocolate. And good luck to the first comedian that asks him which aisle the sandpaper is in!”