In a seemingly desperate attempt to drum up some interest in tonight’s game between Collingwood and Carlton, a leading Melbourne newspaper has asked what some readers are describing as an insensitive and ridiculous question. Asking which of the two teams is closer to winning a premiership seems to be a classic case of removing the attention away from what is sure to be the first of many uninspiring Friday night match ups this AFL season.

While premierships are probably the furtherest thing from both clubs’ minds as they sit 0–2 on the bottom rungs of the ladder and search for that elusive first win, readers are being asked to look at the metaphorical shiny red sports car driving down the street while they trudge along the equally metaphorical footpath looking for metaphorical spare change. Traditional rivals with a long and storied history, can’t it just be enough to play on the tribal rivalry between these two old foes?

Local Carlton fan Brett Adams said to The Watsonia Bugle, “A premiership? Mate, I just want us to win a game! At best it’s opportunistic click bait, at worst it’s insensitive to a whole generation of Carlton fans who have lived through 20 years of drudgery and pain. Who do they think they are?”