The Collingwood cheer squad has this morning launched an investigation into last night’s embarrassing banner typo. Having spent years fighting the well-worn stereotypes about their supporters, Collingwood is reportedly reeling from the heavily publicised misspelling of the word “tonight” in their banner before last night’s game against Carlton.

An anonymous member of the cheer squad contacted The Watsonia Bugle late last night to say that the matter would be fully investigated, and measures put in place to avoid similar stuff ups in the future. She said, “It was no good mate, we’ve been copping it flat out. Some of us are actually a bit smart and that, but this puts us back years.”

While the error didn’t affect the team’s performance, as they went on to record a solid victory against their long-time rival, club officials are expected to conduct a savage witch hunt this morning to find the culprit. The cheer squad source said, “The suits from the Westpac Centre won’t be happy about this. The game’s gone all corporate as you know, so they’ll be snooping around all weekend to try find a scapegoat. They better not cut off our party pie supply on banner making night, and we’ll all go right off mate.”