A local pool shark has reportedly refined the formula we published in June last year to outline the relationship between pool playing ability and the consumption of alcohol. Danny Taylor of Greensborough has spent the last nine months applying the findings of the study, and now believes that he is capable of pushing the suggested consumption of three to six beers for peak performance to a staggering four to 12 beers.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Taylor said, “Yeah mate, I read your article last year and thought to meself, ‘you know what, I could stretch that out a bit’. So ever since June last year I’ve been experimenting down at the local pool hall, drinking beers and challenging randoms to games all over the joint. Thanks to that committed training, I’ve now stretched me sweet spot out to four to 12 pots, and most of the people down there just can’t believe it.”

Taylor went as far as to suggest that the increased tolerance to alcohol was assisting him in winning games against disbelieving opponents. He said, “For sure mate. These hot shots see me sinking pots like a mad dog and they think that if they keep playing against me I’ll eventually get sloppy and start spraying them all over the place. I bet they’re still stuck on the three to six beers theory, but I’m way past that now mate.”