Bruce the shark from the popular movie Finding Nemo has publicly accused producers of false promises and exploitation on the set of the film. In a series of shakingly honest tweets, Bruce has bared his soul to the world, telling of an intense addiction to eating fish that he has been seeking treatment of for over 20 years.

One such attempt to receive treatment for his addiction was agreeing to appear on what he believed was a ground-breaking documentary on addiction, but just turned out to be filming for the movie Finding Nemo. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his stark admissions, Bruce said, “When I signed up for that movie I honestly believed that I was going to be part of a doco on treating addiction. The producers sold it to me as free therapy, and said they would help me cure my addiction. They even said that going public with my problem would assist my resolve in staying fish-free into the future. I’m no actor mate, so I never would’ve signed up to it if I knew it was a work of fiction.”

While it remains unclear what a carnivorous beast like Bruce should be eating in the ocean if he’s not eating fish, Bruce described his life since filming finished in late-2002 as “one failure after another” as he continues to relapse, leaving behind him a string of failed relationships and devastation. He said, “I just wish I never went on that show. It made a bad situation worse, and set my treatment back years!”