The field in an already hotly contested race for the “best flake in Watsonia” has reportedly doubled as fish and chip shops from Andrew Place and Diamond Village have officially joined the battle. Previously a three-horse race, six stores are now in the running, as organisers scramble for a panel of judges up to the significant challenge of choosing our local area’s most edible piece of shark.

Despite Andrew Place technically being in Bundoora, organisers have allowed their entrance into the race due to “significant services to the people of Watsonia”. The official statement released yesterday said, “While Watsonia Road is very well catered for with fish and chip shops, residents in the northern outskirts of Watsonia are often tempted across the outer city limits and head to Andrew Place for their deep fried fix. The presence of two fish and chip shops in such a small shopping strip is testament to the quality of their production, and we’ve had a groundswell of support from Watsonia residents to include the two stores in the search for our region’s best flake.”

While news of this is bound to cause controversy, the admission of the Diamond Village store was a no-brainer, as the store definitely sits within the borders of our fair suburb. Organisers said, “Why it wasn’t already in the conversation is unknown and, in fact, is an abomination. Ever since VicRoads ran off, that whole shopping centre has been mistreated, so we’re glad to see it back in the race for Watsonia’s greatest piece of flake.”