One week into the event and it seems that the majority of freak accidents at the Commonwealth Games seem to be occurring at the weightlifting. In this modern climate, where content is king, social media newsfeeds seem to be more interested in horrific injuries than actual successful athletic performance.

Just ask the Ferrari pit crew member who had his leg broken on the weekend by a marauding formula one car, or the dude that dislocated his ankle while celebrating a hole in one during the lead up to the US Masters. People are a whole lot more interested in the gruesome look of a grown man popping his ankle back into place than his ability to ace a cute little par three at Augusta.

So, as the people’s games continue on their merry way up on the Gold Coast, don’t ask us what the medal tally is, but we’re more than happy to yarn about this lifter’s unfortunate popping out of an elbow. Not to mention a couple of big dudes that have passed out mid-lift. Surely this is the kind of stuff that will bring the fans back to weightlifting.