A local teen spotted walking around Greensborough Plaza yesterday afternoon with a shark tooth necklace hanging around his neck has confirmed that he recently returned from a holiday up north in Queensland. When approached by The Watsonia Bugle to ask about his savvy choice of jewellery, Lachie Henderson was quick to point out that he’d spent the Easter weekend up at Coolangatta.

Henderson said, “Yeah man, it was epic. The Comm Games hadn’t started yet so I could just be at one with the ocean, like, every day, man. I got surfing lessons one day, it was rad.” He also said that spending so much time in the ocean gave him a new appreciation of being a shark in a modern world, telling us, “It’s hard enough for teenagers these days, but imagine being a shark. I mean, here I was swimming in these pristine beaches but sharks aren’t even allowed in them ‘cos of those shark nets and that.”

While he seemed yet to develop a clear position on a number of issues, nor was he able to formulate a coherent thought, Henderson said that wearing the shark tooth was a constant reminder of his experience in Coolangatta. He said, “Even now that I’m back in the ‘burbs, all I have to do is run my fingers over the tooth and I’m transported back to that magical place.”