A lady seen waiting her turn in the deli section of a local supermarket yesterday inadvertently blocked the access of fellow customers to the ticket machine, and was described by one particularly disgruntled fellow shopper as “the worst of humanity”. When challenged about her choice of waiting position at the deli, Betty Norman seemed blissfully unaware of how her actions were impacting on others.

When quizzed by The Watsonia Bugle, Norman said, “Oh sorry love, I was just in a bit of a daze.” While this explanation seemed reasonable, another customer, who requested anonymity, told us, “Them ticket blockers are the bloody worst example of humanity mate”.

Seasoned deli worker, Karen Clarke, later broke the unwritten deli code by telling us that Norman was a regular “ticket blocker”, and had received numerous warnings from the supermarket’s management team. Clarke said, “She does it all the time. She’s a serial offender. You can literally see the anger building inside the heads of the people stuck behind her.”