A recent study by a national motoring organisation has indicated that Toyota drivers are the most likely to have straw hat sitting on back ledge of their car. While the practice is fairly common place, particularly in the 50-70 age bracket, the study clearly highlighted a higher prevalence in Toyotas than in any other car make.

The lead researcher behind the study, Cameron Fraser, told The Watsonia Bugle, “We went into the study expecting the figures to show that putting hats on the back ledge was definitely a ‘thing’ for motorists aged above 50, but we never expected a specific car make to be the preferred vehicle for the ‘hat on the back’. We’re still not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for Toyota. I mean, do they embrace it and then tailor more of their marketing to that age demographic? Or do they try to sweep our study under the carpet and pretend it never happened?”

Fraser also indicated that the back ledge of a Toyota was up to three times more likely to feature a box of tissues alongside the hats, an odd phenomenon that may require further study. He said, “Considering that age demographic is less likely to have infant kids with perpetually runny noses, what’s the point of having a box of tissues at the very back of your car? Nobody in the front of the car can reach them, so they may as well be in the boot, or on a set of roof racks really, it’s pointless.”