A local drunk has reportedly been spotted already loitering around outside a local supermarket waiting for the bottle shop to open even though there was over an hour to go until that occurred. Due to Anzac Day observances, liquor cannot be sold until midday today, but that didn’t stop this unidentified man who was seen shuffling around in circles on the footpath outside IGA, staring at his feet and muttering under his breath.

When approached by The Watsonia Bugle to ask for some insight into his current predicament, the man shrugged his shoulders and said, “Nothing to see here buddy. I’m just waiting for a mate.”

Later, after we asked him why he didn’t just stock up on grog in preparation for the rare occasion when bottle shops weren’t open in the morning, he said, “I tried mate, believe me I tried. But last night got a bit big on me. You know, public holiday today so it was kind of like a Friday night you know.”