While it is yet to be officially confirmed by authorities, early indications suggest that the recent resurfacing work on St Helena Road was necessitated by increased traffic as Melbournians flocked to see the regions most famous fence. In what has been a long running saga, a prominent fence visible on the slope heading down towards Greensborough has been the site of a mostly one-sided battle between vegans and carnivores.

While the story of Megan, the Diamond Valley’s most passionate carnivore, was first broken by The Watsonia Bugle thanks to a hot tip from loyal reader Justin, at the height of the saga’s activity the story actually made it into the Diamond Valley Leader and onto the front page of the Herald Sun website. Apparently this coverage from the mainstream media sparked significant interest in the story, with thousands of extra motorists venturing out to St Helena Road to view the latest instalment in Megan’s rogue campaign.

Speaking to an unnamed road worker at the site earlier this week, The Watsonia Bugle heard that the need for resurfacing work on the road had been expedited by the increased traffic caused by sticky beaks and rubber neckers. The worker said, “I’d never actually been along this road before, but as soon as I got here I recognised the fence from all the media coverage it had got. As the job’s gone on, I’ve heard that the road has really deteriorated since about July last year when the stories first started making the news. A road like this just isn’t built to cop that amount of extra traffic, so we’ve had to fix it way ahead of the usual schedules.”