As news swirls around a potential meeting between North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un and American President Donald Trump, it seems the pair has been struck down by a phenomenon painfully familiar to just about every group of friends ever: they can’t agree on a suitable venue and/or date. Like some kind of run-of-the-mill group text or WhatsApp thread, the pair have allegedly floated four or five potential options, and are waiting to see if any of those will work for them.

Watsonia woman Samantha Davis said that story sounds all too familiar, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “That’s the story of my life. Always have the best intentions of catching up with friends, but sometimes finding a date that works for everyone is just too hard. And that’s with friends, so I can only imagine how hard it would be to organise something with the supreme leader of a major dictatorship.”

Greensborough man Chris Bradshaw has suggested that sometimes choosing the right date isn’t even the hardest bit, telling us, “Once you’ve got a date that works for everyone, then you’ve gotta find a venue. Someone just wants a simple pub meal, another wants to go Thai, and then Johnno always wants to check out some new hip bar in the inner north. Nek minnut, we don’t catch up, we stay at home instead and converse via WhatsApp like a bunch of modern morons.”