A local man has applauding the actions of a rogue dolphin that recently knocked a man off his stand up paddle (SUP) board in Gracetown, Western Australia. Instead of condemning the violent behaviour, Greg Hamilton said it was about time someone put those supremely balanced show offs back in their place.

Following the airing of the footage on mainstream media yesterday, Hamilton contacted The Watsonia Bugle to express his approval of one of the most spectacular hip and shoulders seen in years. Hamilton said, “How good was it mate? Those jerks love paddling around the place, looking all smug in their ability to stand on a flotation device. If I ever see that dolphin around the traps I’ll be buying him a beer for sure.”

While Hamilton insisted that he is not usually a strong advocate for violence, he did concede that his stance is partly motivated by his own inability to adequately stand up on an SUP. He said, “Yeah mate, I tried it last summer and was no good. The experts make it look so easy, but it’s not. And I’m quite bitter about it all to be honest.”