The potential future meeting between North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un and American President Donald Trump has prompted a local woman to delve into her extensive memory of awkward dates. Watsonia 30-something Zara Willis says she can totally empathise with how awkward the meeting between world leaders will be, but believes it couldn’t be any worse than the time a blind date of hers brought his mother along to sit at the table next to them to keep an eye on proceedings.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Willis said, “I’m not saying that old Donny and Kimmy are going to really hit it off straight away and have a great time, but surely it couldn’t be worse than the time this guy Dean brought his mum along to a blind date and got her to sit at a different table in the restaurant just so he could get a second opinion on me. That was totally the worst, like I still feel sick thinking about it now. His mum never spoke, but she just kept glancing over at me, looking me up and down. Urgh.”

As if that experience wasn’t bad enough, Willis then shared more stories of woe, making the pending meeting between Trump and Jong-un seem quite tame. She said, “I’ve seen it all man. There was the guy that took me to Greensy Lanes for a few frames of ten pin bowling, a guy that insisted on ‘working out together’ at a gym and just did bicep curls the whole time, and then this dude who asked me to come watch him graffiti in some laneways. If Donald needs any ice breaker tips, I can help him out.”