Bitzer the dog has spoken exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his daily struggles with Shaun the Sheep. In the revealing interview, Bitzer said that he never knows who’s side Shaun will be on each day when he wakes early on the farm to commence work with his disobedient flock of sheep.

According to Bitzer, “Shaun is very unpredictable, and at first that was kind of fun, but after years of him either teaming up with me or going behind my back I’ve just about had enough. I never know which Shaun I’m gunna get each morning when I open the barn door and let the sheep out into the pasture. And his mood has such a strong influence on the rest of the flock. As their leader, they just follow everything he does. They’re just like, you know, sheep I guess.”

While Bitzer insisted that he had shared his concerns with Farmer on numerous occasions, the old man had not acted on his faithful pooch’s complaints. “He just doesn’t care. He gives me my checklist every morning and doesn’t give a stuff how hard the tasks are to complete. That stupid, clumsy old bastard, if it wasn’t for me this farm would fall apart with a week.”

Bitzer is so dissatisfied with the working conditions that he said he’s very close to reporting them to his union. “It’s almost at that point. Farmer has just ignored too many of my complaints. Enough is enough.”