A Greensborough woman has delivered a pinch punch for the first day of the month just one minute after midday today and ended up looking quite the fool in front of her colleagues. Rebecca Considine made the embarrassing faux pas in front of the entire floor of her inner city office, walking up to a male colleague with whom she is friendly, pinching him in the arm, punching him in the arm, and then exclaiming for all to hear, “Haha, pinch punch for the first day of the month! Got ya!”

However, the male colleague quickly checked his watch, noticed Considine’s error, and brought it to the attention of all within ear shot. In the hour since the initial incident, Considine has been the recipient of much ridicule and, at time, open abuse, so much so that she contacted The Watsonia Bugle to tell her side of the story. She said, “I just didn’t think. It had been a busy morning so, you know, time flew past and I didn’t realise it was after midday. I’m honestly not sure that my career can recover from this setback. They’ve been hounding me ever since!”

Meanwhile, the male colleague who highlighted Considine’s fatal error said, “I know it was just an honest mistake, and me and Bec are always winding each other up, but she’s just a bit unlucky that there’s not much work on today, so most of these losers have got nothing better to do. Am I sorry for putting her in this hole? No, I’m not. But hopefully it abates soon enough for after work drinks, otherwise it could totally ruin Bec’s weekend.”