A local drive thru bottle shop is reportedly considering installing a cattle grid at its entrance following news yesterday from Queensland where a 51-year-old woman tried to ride her horse through her local bottle shop to stock up on supplies. The woman, who was arrested at the scene for being in charge of a horse while under the influence of liquor, allegedly had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.226 – over the four times the legal limit. While you can read more about that incident here, please be aware that despite the headline below, the horse itself wasn’t believed to be under the influence of alcohol at the time.

In response to this somewhat bizarre form of transport for a late night bottleo run on a Monday evening, management at the Greensborough Hotel are reportedly considering the possibility of installing a cattle grid at the entrance to their drive thru bottle shop on the off chance that a local cowboy attempts something similar. Despite The Watsonia Bugle not being aware of any substantiated reports of people riding horses in the direct vicinity of the Greensy Pub, management have possibly been spooked by our recent expose about local drinkers yearning for another opportunity to ride the old fibreglass horse that used to stand proud above the old Horseland store.

While the hotel wouldn’t release an official statement on the matter, one insider said, “Yeah mate, they had a meeting about it first thing this morning. They figure it’s best to nip these kind of things in the bud, the last thing you need is some drunk idiot riding a horse around the Circuit with a slab under their arm. That section of road is tricky enough, what with the one way sections, the entrance to Greensy Plaza, and that weird little triangle car park in the middle of nowhere. You can’t have some pisshead running amok atop a bloody horse.”