While the majority of inhabitants on social media are tired of the constant debate, one local man has contacted The Watsonia Bugle to confess that he actually gets off on the seemingly neverending arguments about whether LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. Callum Fraser conceded that he just can’t get enough of it, even though he’s yet to make a concrete decision of which side he sits on.

Fraser said, “It’s just great isn’t it? I mean, obviously there’s no definitive answer, so this debate can and will just swirl around in cyber space and over beer-soaked drip trays for all eternity. Both sides of the argument come with their own considerable bias depending on the individual’s own personal life experiences. There’s obviously the nostalgic type who love MJ and refuse to believe that anyone could be better than him. They also insist that music sounds better on vinyl, Netflix has ruined their encyclopaedic DVD collection, and professional basketballers should still be playing in Converse Chuck Taylors. Then there’s the pro-LeBron side that are all about the latest gadget, are happy for their 6 foot 8 inch sports stars to wear shorts suits to games, and still believe that J.R. Smith didn’t realise the scores were tied in Game One.”

Fraser said the only people happier than him about this debate would be Facebook and the people running all the basketball fan pages. He said, “They must just love it. Even just the sniff of a post about this gets the kind of traction that real journalism could only dream of. Who doesn’t love a good subjective debate about which generation’s star was better than the others?”