As news broke this morning that a mass nude photo shoot may not be able to go ahead on Chapel Street in Prahran, the Watsonia Shops have come to the rescue, telling organisers of the human installation they’d be “Welcome in Watsy”. The latest project of world-renowned nude crowd photographer Spencer Tunick is currently under threat after Prahran Woolworths indicated they won’t allow the photoshoot to take place on their rooftop car park because they “must ensure customers have convenient access to our store when we are open”.

However, a representative from the Watsonia Shops has reportedly told Tunick he’s welcome to move the shoot to the rooftop car park next to our IGA and above the Salvo’s Op Shop and Professor’s Pizza. They said, “Spencer is absolutely welcome in Watsy, we’d love to have him and his bunch of nudists. Plus, most people don’t even know that car park exists, so it won’t disrupt Saturday morning shopping too much! I’ve heard they’ve got 10,000 signed up to get their gear off which might be a bit of a tight squeeze up there, but I reckon we can make it happen.”

While the Prahran location promises to include a lovely backdrop of the town hall clock and Melbourne’s CBD, the representative claims that Watsonia’s humble rooftop car park has just as much to offer. They said, “That little rooftop car park has quite an impressive view across the Diamond Valley and the Dandenongs over to the east. And if you get on your tippy toes you can also spot that nice old building in Loyola. This would really put Watsy on the world map. C’mon Spencer, you’ll love it out here mate.”