A St Helena resident has mis-read yesterday’s announcement of the venue for Triple J’s coveted One Night Stand and gotten momentarily excited before realising they’d made an error of judgement. The annual One Night Stand involves towns and suburbs around Australia pitching for the right to host a one-off concert with some of the country’s hottest young acts, then Triple J announces the winner with much pomp and ceremony.

As seen in the pic above, this year’s winner is a place called St Helens in Tasmania, who will now be visited by Vance Joy, Peking Duck and Alex the Astronaut at a keenly anticipated gig in September this year. But when Kelli Hughes of St Helena, Victoria, first saw the announcement yesterday she momentarily thought her humble villa of St Helena had been announced the winner.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Hughes said, “Oh man, I totally freaked! For a good four or five minutes I was on cloud nine, calling my friends, and organising my outfit for the big day. I even Googled a long-term weather forecast for September! Then the third friend I called, Steph, told me it was actually St Helens in Tasmania. I mean, I’d never even heard of that joint. So now I’m full devo, and all my friends keep razzing me about being an idiot. It’s the worst.”