While mystery surrounds the bizarre combination of abandoned shopping trolleys currently sitting outside Watsonia Station, one local woman claims they are akin to the world-famous crop circles that have spawned multiple conspiracy theories for many generations. The combination, pictured below, includes one shopping trolley each from Aldi, Coles and Woolworths despite neither of those supermarket chains having a presence in Watsonia.

Locals are currently speculating as to how the trolleys arrived at their current location, with some saying they’ve never seen the so-called “holy trinity” of supermarket chains represented in the one spot. Of course we’ve previously reported on the odd placement of a single trolley a long way from its home base, but we’re also flummoxed by the existence of three different branded trolleys in Watsonia, especially when the nearest of those supermarkets is almost two kilometres away.

Local resident, and regular library attendee, Quinn Pollard said to The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s very strange isn’t it? Quite odd. The fact that it’s the holy trinity of supermarket shopping in Australia and they’re all so far from home is a real head scratcher. I reckon there’s more to it than some pissed idiots going on a mid-week adventure. Bit spooky if you ask me. Kinda like those crop circles they find overseas. Maybe some extraterrestrial stuff going on in Watsy. Who knows?”