A local anthropologist claims to have spotted an endangered St Kilda supporter in the open environment of Greensborough Plaza in what is believed to be an incredibly rare and unique sighting. Cameron Donaldson says he saw the humble being shuffling along the upper concourse of the shopping centre and heading towards the Village Green food eating precinct.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the encounter, Donaldson said, “At first I couldn’t believe it but, sure enough, there it was: a St Kilda beanie on its head. While my initial response was that the headwear was being worn as part of a dare, further inspection revealed that it was a genuine St Kilda supporter out in the wilds of Greensborough.”

While Donaldson said that most people know “at least one or two Saints supporters”, they’re hardly a prominent member of the footy supporting food chain. He said, “Even 10 years ago when they were making Grand Finals and winning heaps of games, most people couldn’t name more than a couple of people they knew who barracked for the Saints. Especially out in the Diamond Valley, were most footy supporters are onboard the so-called ‘Big Four’: Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon and Richmond. So to spot a Saints supporter out in the wild was a truly incredible experience. I was moved to tears.”