A local family is currently considering what to do with their mythical plastic bag cupboard now that single-use plastic bags are slowly being phased out in Victoria. For many years now, the Fleming family has begrudgingly tolerated the cupboard above their fridge that is jam-packed with plastic bags presumably being stored for a later purpose but often just falling out every time someone opens the cupboard door to jam a few more in.

With major supermarket chains set to phase out single-use plastic bags, beginning in the coming weeks, the Flemings held a hastily arranged family meeting last night to discuss potential future uses of their much maligned plastic bag cupboard. Family representative, mum Gail, told The Watsonia Bugle, “This could be a real game-changer for the storage options in our kitchen. Like most families we’ve kind of fallen into bad habits with where we chuck stuff in cupboards and draws, but this is a unique opportunity to start afresh, you know, really liven up the feel in our kitchen.”

While last night’s meeting failed to reach an unanimous decision on what will go in the cupboard once the plastic bag supply has been exhausted, Gail said that they workshopped a number of valid options. She said, “I campaigned pretty strongly to put my NutriBullet in there because, to be honest, I haven’t really used it since last year when that craze ended, but I’d like to have it handy in case I get inspired again. Hubby wants to store his excess beer stock in there, but that got knocked on the head pretty quickly. While the kids basically sat through the whole meeting rolling their eyes and occasionally filming proceedings for their latest Insta story.”