Clive Palmer’s recent re-launch into the political arena has already wasted a few thousand bucks with an oddly placed billboard trumpeting his intention to “Make Australia Great”. While some would argue that all of Palmer’s freshly erected billboards are as waste of money, the rise of Donald Trump into the presidency in America has left us biting our tongues.

However, the rationale behind placing one of his billboards in the hipster haven of Abbotsford has confused some political commentators, with at least one of them saying it’s the perfect example of a man with more money than sense. While Palmer’s claim that his companies have nearly $500m in cash reserves suggest that he has more than a few spare thousand to waste on a national advertising campaign, local political commentator Graeme Wallis told The Watsonia Bugle that, “surely he could’ve directed that advertising spend to a location where the people would be more sympathetic to a poor man’s Donald Trump making a run for the highest seat in the land”.

Despite the fact the billboard literally sits at the feet of the Carlton United Brewery, the majority of people passing it are expected to be unsympathetic to a multi-millionaire Queensland businessman with unlimited arrogance and delusions of grandeur. Wallis said, “On the surface the placement seems odd, but I guess when you’re that rich you can just print out a giant map of Australia, throw pins at it, then direct one of your underlings to organise billboards for all of the locations of the pins. Either that or he’s got a very outdated view of Melbourne. I mean, Abbotsford was working class for a long time, but that has changed significantly in the last 20-30 years. Clive was actually born in Footscray, but that was in 1954. The demographics of Melbourne have changed a bit since then.”