Australian cricketers Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft are reportedly waiting for news that Sri Lankan cricket authorities have come over the top of the recent one match ban for their captain Dinesh Chandimal by rubbing him out of international cricket for 12 months. While news broke this morning that Chandimal had received a one match sanction from the ICC for ball tampering, the banned Australian trio can only assume that he will now also be slapped with a one-year ban by his employer, just like they were a few months ago after committing a similar crime in South Africa.

Whether Chandimal will be treated like a murderer as he attempts to board his flight home from the West Indies, and then have to front a packed media conference to apologise to the entire nation of Sri Lanka for his supposedly heinous crime, remains unseen, but sources suggest that Smith, Warner and Bancroft are assuming no less. One source close to the banned trio said, “They are just waiting to see what happens. But they are assuming that Chandimal will cop a whole year on the sidelines, not to mention the intense public scrutiny of his entire nation.”

The source also said, “Smudge, Davey and Bangers are also expecting that at least a handful of poms will chime in to share their disgust about Chandimal’s behaviour, even though they’ve previously been caught ball tampering themselves. If news outlets haven’t already contacted those grandstanders for comment on the matter I think the boys would be very surprised.”