Former Australian cricketer Michael Clarke has reportedly offered to make a bold comeback to the game to after our nation’s devastating ODI loss to England overnight. Only months after his unwanted offer to return to international cricket in the wake of the ball tampering scandal, Clarke is believed to have confided in close friends and family that his little left arm tweakers would be just the tonic for a struggling Aussie attack in the Old Dart.

Exactly how this comeback offer will be better received than any of the other multiple times Clarke has created whispers about a potential return to the game remains unclear, but a source close to him insists he’s “real keen this time”. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, the source also said, “Pup keeps saying that too many people forget the value of his left arm tweakers. He says not enough people remind him about the time he won a test match here in Sydney off his own bowling, and that his innate wicket-taking ability is just what this Aussie team needs right now.”

While the source conceded that Clarke was yet to explain how he’d have an impact at international level despite not having played for over three years, let alone bowled, he said, “You’ve either got it or you haven’t. And Pup’s got it mate. He can do anything.”