An online troll has admitted that it’s much easier to deliver empty death threats these days due to the high proliferation of social media and the access that grants to celebrities and the common people. The troll, who requested complete anonymity, also suggested that the new ease in delivering unsavoury messages to people could be to blame for the decline of the print industry.

The troll said, “Mate, back in the day I had the trawl through back issues of New Idea and Who Weekly to cut out enough letters to spell out my gutless threats. Nowadays I just send a tweet or a Facebook message. So much less thought goes into them these days.”

The troll also suggested that the vigilante lifestyle is attracting much lazier assailants these days. They said, “Less than 15 years ago you had to do some proper research, find out where someone lived, and then pay for postage. Now it’s all at their fingertips. Any moron with Internet access can just go for it. It’s attracted a whole generation of lazy trolls, and it’s just not good enough.”