For approximately the 87th time today, an IT support worker at an inner city office has just asked an technology-illiterate colleague if they’ve tried turning their troubled device off and on again. Jayce Millison uttered the well-worn phrase just a couple of minutes ago, and expects to reach triple figures within the next hour during yet another day on the corporate treadmill.

While Millison refused to speculate how many times he’s asked that same question in the last year, let alone his entire career in IT, he did say that it remains a valid question despite the fact it often gets ridiculed. He said, “It’s kinda like getting asked if you want fries with that in the Maccas drive thru, you just have to ask. And you’d actually be surprised how many issues a simple restart will fix. I don’t know how or why, but it just does.”

Millison also conceded that asking the age-old question about a restart often bought him some valuable thinking time to try to work out what the hell had happened to a colleague’s device. He said, “To be honest, sometimes I’ve got no idea, so asking that question gives me time to Google the problem and work it out from there.”