Steve Smith has been spotted downing a few solo beers at some bar in New York and, as expected, has been criticised for it. Having previously been accused of lacking genuine life experience, the currently suspended Aussie cricket captain has arguably done the most human thing a person can do: lobbed into some crowded bar late at night and drank a couple of pints while checking his phone.

Reports of Smith’s late night sip have been accompanied by multiple shots of him wandering around New York, carrying shopping bags, and entering apartment complexes, presumably all taken by America’s saddest member of the paparazzi. The reporting of this “story” may be one of 2018’s strongest examples of our nation’s tall poppy syndrome, trying to paint the guy as a loser even though he’d spent most of the day real estate speculating in New York. Yes, that’s right, shopping around for real estate in New York. What a loser.