A local mum has spectacularly waged war against an otherwise pleasant kids show that is a key part of the ABC Kids entertainment schedule. Rebecca Davidson made some stinging remarks about Teacup Travels in a rambling Facebook post earlier this week, with many of her friends on the social media platform wondering why she had such strong views on the show.

While portions of the post are not aligned with The Watsonia Bugle’s strong family values, parts that we can share include, “What’s with that show ‘Teacup Travels’ on ABC Kids? As if Aunt Lizzie has been to all of those places and kept all the souvenirs! She’s probably just some keen antique shopper who buys a whole bunch of things and then lies to her great niece and nephew while forcing them to drink tea and setting them up for a lifetime of a low grade caffeine addiction.”

Davidson even oddly suggested that the show would be best enjoyed whilst under the influence of illicit substances, telling her followers, “It’s the kind of show that is difficult to digest while sober, but could be slightly more entertaining and fascinating if you viewed it whilst stoned out of your eyeballs. And what’s with the mum picking up her children at the end of each show from their presumably free childminding but never actually coming into the house to say thanks? Instead, she just stands at the front gate of Lizzie’s house and waves before hightailing it out of there. That’s quite rude don’t you think?”