Multiple teams in the AFL are rumoured to be trialling a drastic new tactic following last night’s scenes in the closing stages of the game between Geelong and the Bulldogs. In a desperate attempt to put Geelong player Harry Taylor off as he kicked for goal after the siren to win the game, every Bulldogs player stood the mark and jumped around like they were at a 1980s aerobics class.

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle this morning, sources from multiple clubs admitted they would trial the manoeuvre for all set shots during games this weekend. One source said, “The physical load on our players is already very high, but we’ll be expecting every player, even our forwards, to get down to the mark for every set shot. If it puts just one or two kicks off it’s a win for us.”

In a league where copycat tactics are already rife, it can hardly be unexpected that clubs will trial such a tactic. However, it’s unclear how the control freaks at the AFL will deal with it, considering their penchant for frequently tinkering with the game. With the so-called “18-man mark” move likely to cause even further congestion on the ground, we can expect at least one or two committees to be formed in the coming weeks to discuss how new rules could be added to prevent this new innovation.