A Greensborough woman whose birthday it is tomorrow has complained online about the introduction of multiple new laws always falling on her birthday. Danielle Lennon aired her complaint on Facebook yesterday, saying that the ban on single use plastic bags in supermarkets comes on the back of the smoking ban in 2007 and the introduction of GST in 2000.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about what she referred to as a “gross injustice in calendar planning”, Lennon also said, “It just doesn’t seem fair. I mean, I can understand the GST one because it’s the financial year and all that, but the other two are just opportunistic. Tomorrow will basically be the third birthday that’s been marred by the introduction of a new law that is often unpopular with everyone. Coles are putting on extra staff tomorrow to deal with customer angst. Why does that cloud of anger and discontent have to sit over my birthday? Why not make it some other day?”

When we suggested that a change of date would just supposedly ruin someone else’s birthday, and that at least two of her three examples were instances of positive change in society, Lennon was unrepentant. She said, “Share the love. I’ve copped three big ones in 18 years now, surely it’s someone else’s turn.”