A local mid-week basketballer has claimed that last night’s basketball brawl between Australia and the Philippines was nothing compared to some of the donnybrooks he’s seen up at Diamond Valley Stadium on a Wednesday night. Brad Quinn, captain of C-Grade battlers “Go the Knuckle”, has told The Watsonia Bugle that unless things escalated into the car park after the match, last night’s fracas couldn’t officially be called an “all in”.

In an exclusive interview, Quinn also said, “Mate, it was pretty bad, but I’ve seen worse. And Thon Maker… what was he doing? That was just strange. I may not have seen a bloke get pinned to the ground and have his legs held so he can’t get back up while half a dozen other blokes laid into him, but I reckon if it doesn’t continue on in the car park can it really be called an all in?”

While Quinn did begrudgingly concede that last night’s brawl was a bad look for the game, he was quick to point out the need to stick up for your mates. He said, “One in, all in mate. I can’t believe the Aussie bench stayed on the sidelines. If that was me I would’ve been right in the thick of it! What a disaster.”