As news broke today of Domino’s CEO Don Meij’s whopping $36.84 million salary, media outlets have spent most of the day working on clever word plays to deliver the story. While early reports indicate that most outlets are going for the “dough” angle, media experts are secretly hoping for a few more “slice” references before the day is done.

One such expert, Greensborough’s very own Cameron Shillingworth, has told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s a bit of a bonanza for the media really. Not only is it a good opportunity to shock us all with how much some rich guy earns each year, while subtlety shaming the rest of us for being so poor, it’s prime for some pizza references. You know: dough, slices, toppings, cheese on top, etc. They’ll flog this like a dead horse.”

In addition to the enjoyable play on words, Shillingworth is also expecting at least a couple of the outlets to employ a mathematician to calculate how many large meatlovers pizzas you can purchase for $36.84 million, and maybe even create a handsome infographic to broadcast the results. He said, “Someone like the Herald Sun is most likely to go with the infograph as the majority of their readers can’t count past 20, let alone north of 36 million. But one thing they can comprehend is the price of a pizza loaded with enough kilojoules to power a DeLorean’s flux capacitor to drive you back to the time of the dinosaurs.”