After almost three full days to evaluate her behaviour on the weekend, a Watsonia woman has reluctantly conceded that day drinking is her social Achilles heel. Rebecca Mansel had a particularly rambunctious Saturday afternoon after a long lunch turned into a 12-hour drinking session and one of the world’s worst hangovers on Sunday.

While the attractions of day drinking are well known, Mansel admitted to her friends on group this morning that she might have to wait until dark to commence drinking from now on. This followed two full days of stories on the same group chat about Mansel’s antics on Saturday afternoon and early evening. The stories included excessive yelling of the term “yeah boi”, a lower than normal standard when liaising with members of the opposite sex, crying while telling the story of her “personal journey” to a complete stranger, and eating kebab fillings off the pavement after they had initially fallen from her fumbling grasp.

After evaluating the available evidence, Mansel has vowed never to drink excessively in the day time ever again. She said, “it’s just really hard to control. You get that early taste, you go for another, the sun is shining, and you just feel alive more than at any other time of the week. But, on the flip side, the feeling of being intoxicated while there’s still daylight outside is terribly disorientating, and a little bit shameful.”