Following Tuesday’s deluge right on knock off time for Melbourne’s school students, heavy rain is again expected to lash our local area from around 3.00pm today. So concerned about the implications of this extreme weather at the exact time students leave their classrooms for the day that the Bureau of Meteorology mentioned it in the tweet below warning residents of wet conditions.

As students and parents will eagerly tell you, incidences of rain are far more common between the 3.00-4.00pm timeslot than at any other time of the day. While the bulk of these claims are purely anecdotal, unlike the scientific evidence we presented about higher rainfall on bin night, meteorologists are expected to launch an in-depth study into the topic in the coming months.

In fact, an anonymous source from the Bureau confirmed the future study in a conversation with The Watsonia Bugle this morning. They said, “We’ve been hearing about this phenomenon for years now, even back when I was at school I always had a sneaking suspicion that it rains more at that time of the day. So I’m really looking forward to tackling that urban legend. Secretly I reckon the results will be very damning.