Local wedding photographers are again fearing the potential loss of the old Eltham train bridge following more reports this week that the condition of the bridge is so bad that trains will have to be driven even slower across it than usual until repair work can be completed. The news follows our report last September about the potential loss of the bridge and how that would impact on the selection of atmospheric backdrops for wedding photos.

As reported by the Diamond Valley Leader this week, a Metro trains memo back in April this year told train drivers to go no faster than 15km/h across the bridge, with repair works set to be completed this month. Meanwhile, the competitive but close wedding photography fraternity of the local area has closed ranks over the news, not commenting directly on the bridge’s future, but instead taking any opportunity to join conversations with locals and water down any suggestion that the bridge is a relic of the past and must be replaced.

In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, we have uncovered the confidential memo that was circulated amongst local wedding photographers on Thursday, providing explicit instructions on how the industry should deal with the threat to arguably their greatest physical asset. In part, the memo said, “We must rise up against this negative publicity about the bridge. Our livelihood depends on it! As the Bugle said last year, we don’t have a pier or a cool graffiti littered laneway in the Diamond Valley. And there’s just not enough rustic farm machinery to get the job done. If you happen to overhear any negative comments about the bridge, do your absolute best to subtly change the subject or outline the historical significance of this monument. It’s up to us to protect the biggest no-brainer in wedding photography in the last 25 years!”