Well, there it is. It’s all in the headline isn’t it? There’s not much more we can add to the story is there? Alas, you, our loyal reader, rely on The Watsonia Bugle to give you all the latest news on events both in Watsonia and abroad. So we will continue. But just take one more moment to enjoy our Animalia-esque headline. Thanks.

Price conscious locals continue to be perplexed by the great petrol price puzzle of Watsonia, with recent calls on social media pages for a boycott of our suburb’s major petrol station. While we first reported in March that a local man had requested an investigation from the ACCC on the constantly inflated petrol prices in our area, recent activity suggests that no improvement has been made.

Calls for a full-blown boycott may seem extreme, but they also indicate that locals have had enough, after years of paying an absolute premium for their petrol. Watsonia woman Bev Callinan said, “It’s an absolute joke. Can you imagine any other essential item fluctuating so wildly in price, not only day-to-day but also suburb-to-suburb? If milk and bread was being priced like this across Melbourne, people would be rioting in the streets.”