Following the extraordinary attempt by the suburb of Plenty to remove itself from the Diamond Valley, news has reached Bugle HQ of a rogue group of Montmorency residents reportedly applying to become an independent state in a similar fashion to Vatican City and Andorra. While the exact reasons behind the proposal remain unclear, one insider suggested that removal from the Diamond Valley was just not enough for the people of Montmorency, who love nothing more than telling the world about their quiet main street, increasing house prices, community feel, and prolific Monty Life 3094 Facebook group.

The insider, who requested strict anonymity for fear of being forcibly removed from the group, also told The Watsonia Bugle that plans for the application have advanced more than most people would have expected. They said, “It’s moved along quite quickly actually. Almost as efficiently as the coffee service on Were Street. The basis of the application is that we feel we’re above not only the surrounding suburbs of our area but, in fact, the entire Melbourne area, Victoria as a state, and Australia as a country.”

And while the expected tax breaks of living in such an independent state are expected to be of great benefit for Montmorency residents, the group seems more interested in protecting what they call “the incredibly uniqueness of living in Monty”. The insider said, “You just don’t find that kind of lifestyle anywhere else in Australia. Not in Toorak, not in Bright, not in Noosa, not anywhere. So it kind of makes sense that we remove ourselves from all of that mediocrity and form our own identity.”