The people of Montmorency have done very little to water down the rumour that they’re applying to become an independent state. Since we broke the story yesterday, the majority of comments have been in favour of the rumoured proposal, with some even suggesting the creation of a moat and/or a large wall to seperate the elite people of Montmorency from the remainder of the Diamond Valley.

Local real estate guru and part-time Montmorency cult leader, Scott Nugent, even contacted The Watsonia Bugle office in support of a potential breakaway from the Australian nation. Nugent said, “The proposal is a renovator’s dream, it has heaps of potential and upside. Monty Life 3094 could become the new nation’s parliament. We already debate important issues on there and solve the world’s problems. And if we do decide to build a wall, we’ll just ask for recommendations on Monty Life and we’ll have a fencer within minutes!”

While Nugent was talking about the proposal like it was a foregone conclusion, experts suggest it might be a bit more complicated than first imagined. Although Australia does have a precedence with this kind of thing, thanks to the Principality of Hutt River sitting roughly 600 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia.

So, what do you think, can Monty go independent?