A local man who presumably hadn’t purchased a single can of Coke for about 15 years has been shocked at the current price of a refrigerated can of the popular cola beverage. Dean Campbell was uncomfortably hungover last Sunday when he rushed to the nearest service station for a can of Coke but nearly dropped his wallet when told how much the can cost.

Still reeling from the experience, Campbell told The Watsonia Bugle, “I just couldn’t believe it mate. I always just thought that a dollar was the par score for a can of Coke, but that one cost me $2.80! Back in the day you’d get a 600ml bottle for less than that. As a domesticated man in my late 30s I buy in bulk now at the supermarket. And that won’t change after what happened to me on Sunday.”

While Campbell had no discernible answer when asked why he picked a can of Coke as the most prominent example of the increased cost of living since the early 2000s, he did concede that with payWave technology he rarely digested the price of any item these days. He said, “I had a fistful of coins in me pocket for some reason, so I actually had to count out the full two bucks 80. It hurt.”